Mantas Vizbaras

Mantas Vizbaras

Operations Director & Co-Founder

Mantas Vizbaras heavily supported the company’s growth by establishing business not only in Lithuania but also in foreign markets. Currently, he is taking care of Trafi’s financial health and administration. Before joining Trafi, Mantas was Head of Campaign Management team in one of Europe’s leading ad tech companies Adform. Mantas has a twofold knowledge base since he holds several diplomas under his belt, one for computer science and second for business management.

About Trafi

Founded in Vilnius, Lithuania, Trafi has been revolutionizing urban mobility since 2013. Our MaaS platform is designed to run even the most complex transport systems and has been trusted by Berlin (BVG), Brussels (STIB), Portsmouth & Southampton (Solent Transport), Munich (MVG), and Zurich (SBB). 

Trafi’s mission is to empower cities with state-of-the-art MaaS solution that helps to tackle their mobility challenges and to achieve ambitious sustainability objectives. Our white-label product offers all the features and components needed to launch your own-branded MaaS service. With more than 50 existing deep integrations to mobility service providers and payment facilitators, we help to reduce risk, cost, and time-to-launch for new services.

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